Compass Commitments

Compass members make a number of commitments that help us grow in our devotion to Christ and the sacraments.

Personal Formation:
a) Never let a day go by without spending time in heartfelt prayer.
b) Wholeheartedly seek to live out the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
c) Constantly strive for the holiness that Christ wants for you.

Personal Testimony:
a) Defend the truths of the Catholic faith in word and deed, prudently, charitably and firmly.
b) Imitate Christ especially by being patient, respectful, and attentive to the needs of those around you.
c) Imitate Christ especially by speaking well of others, avoiding destructive criticism, gossip, and useless complaining.

Compass Involvement:
a) Participate generously in the planning, execution, and attendance of Compass activities and projects.
b) Support and encourage your fellow Compass members, and work to increase the size of your Compass Chapter.
c) Support and encourage the evangelizing efforts of the Catholic community on campus, and of other groups who share the goals of Compass.

Do your best to fulfill these noble commitments, and God will do the rest.