Compass members lead or participate in a number of Catholic devotions on Campus

Semi-weekly rosary

A rosary group meets twice weekly at 7 P.M. on Mondays and 4:15 P.M. on Wednesdays to pray for the intercession of the Holy Mother. We meet in the Saint Michael's chapel, whose entrance is on the west wall of Saint Basil's Parish. The Wednesday rosary is especially for Pro-Life intentions. Click here for a detailed explanation of how the rosary is said

Eucharistic Adoration

Compass members help organise 24-hour eucharistic adorations once per term at Saint Michael's chapel. Through these, we have the opportunity for contemplative prayer in Christ's presence and for deepening our devotion to the Eucharist.  If you have any questions or would like to help out as a "watchman", please contact Denise Sacher.