Jim Burnham of Catholic Answers

Compass is a Catholic Evangelical Fellowship at the Unversity of Toronto. Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the University of Toronto community, so that people who may otherwise not have the opportunity to meet Jesus may do so and so that we may help each other to develop a greater relationship with Christ and devotion to his sacraments. Compass has a number of activities aimed toward this end.

1) We bring speakers and preachers to campus, in order to witness to the teachings of the Catholic faith and to the beauty of the sacraments.

2) We respond publicly in letters to express and clarify the Church's views in the university media.

3) We become actively involved in the Catholic community at the University of Toronto, helping to deepen our faith and sharing our faith experiences with other Catholics.

4) We witness to non-Catholics about Christ and the sacraments in our classes and social settings.