President David Elliot with Pope Benedict XVI

The foundation of any evangelisation is our own formation as Catholics. In order to share Christ, we must know Christ and provide an example of Christian living to others. One of the primary aims of Compass is to form its members so as to provide this witness and example. Through prayer and sacraments we form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, and through study we learn our faith and are better able to explain and defend it. Compass has a number of activities oriented to this formation.

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1) We hold bi-weekly Points Encounters. These meet every Sunday at the Newman Centre at 2 P.M. Points Encounters provide a tested format for regular meetings centered around reflection on the upcoming Sunday's Gospel reading and an application of Christian principles to real life events.

2) We run or participate in various devotions on campus, such as a weekly rosary and Eucharistic adorations.  Through prayer and sacraments, God's grace sanctifies us and we draw closer to Christ.

3) We hold bi-weekly Cornerstone Meetings.  Through these small group discussions, members are helped to put into action the fundamental principles of Catholic living.

4) Members make personal commitments , such as never letting a day go by without spending time in heartfelt prayer.